Total Toilets is a premium hire business supplying to the Mid West region of Western Australia.

We not only hire equipment but also offer sales and servicing of new and second hand stock.

Industrial handwash front

Industrial Handwash Station

Event Handwash

Event Handwash Station

Portable Hand Wash Stations

These self contained units provide a safer and healthier environment for workers and patrons in locations where hand wash facilities are not available or where regular water supply isn't accessible. These stations are great for temporary work sites and community events.


  • Hands Free twin sink design (Event station only)
  • Large sink bowls
  • 2 paper towel dispensers
  • Liquid soap dispenser
  • Foot pump operated (Event station only)
  • Large fresh water supply tank
  • Large waste water storage
  • Hot water optional for Industrial Handwash Station


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