This unit is a cost effective and convenient choice. With a spacious well-appointed interior this portable toilet is ideally suited for your next construction project, and this unit is available in portable and sewer connect options.

Portable models give extra convenience as they can be used anywhere. These units have a fresh water flush system allowing all users to wash their hands—providing a safer, healthier environment for workers.

Our sewer connect option is connected by our staff to mains water and sewage drains for your convenience and comfort. These units are perfect for long term hires where access to water and sewage drains is available. Sewer
connect models do not require onsite servicing, however cleaning can still be scheduled if required.

To ensure compliance with the Dept. Water and Environmental Regulation, the toilets need to be managed at regular intervals. Total Toilets are licensed waste carriers – registered with the Dept. Water and Environmental Regulation, therefore are solely, responsible for the removal of waste along with the cleaning and sanitising of the toilet units.

Our servicing program involves:

  • Pump out of waste holding tank

  • Refill fresh water supply

  • Clean and sanitise

  • Replenish hand sanitizer

  • Replace toilet paper and deodorising disks

We highly recommend Total Toilets and their staff and hope that they will continue to be of service to Minjar as long as we are here...
— Minjar Gold Pty Ltd